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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Firm Grip

      A  common issue that I come across with cooks of all skill levels is the dainty handling of razor sharp chef’s knives.  In a kitchen, this is your main and most trusted weapon.  It whittles carrots down to juliennes and dices onions into appropriately sized bits for cooking so this should be a tool that is held with attitude and gumption instead of fear and discomfort.   
     The handle of your knife should be firmly pressed into the palm of your hand with your index finger curled and gripping the side of the knife.  This should give you a good choked up feel on the knife which will make it much easier to control throughout your various prep tasks.  I always know when I haven’t been doing as much knife work because the pea sized callous on the base of my index finger begins to get soft.  Use every knife in a long and fluid slicing motion.  This is why all knives have a curve or angle to them so that they slide along the cutting board without coming off of it.  Whenever you wield any knife out of your cutlery block, always make sure it is with a firm grip.  It’ll help to keep your dices square and you out of the emergency room.

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