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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The same. Every time.

Consistency is a corner stone of a good kitchen, and one of the hardest to come by.  Knifework and other prep tasks in the kitchen can sometimes seem monotonous and daunting especially if you’re restricted by time limits and other duties of the domicile.  Setting a rhythm and sticking to it can be an efficient way to knock out a couple of prep projects with the quickness.  Set a tempo for yourself in the kitchen.  Whether it’s the rate at which you scale and measure ingredients, or the back and forth motion of your well honed chef knife, setting a beat to what you are doing will make you more accurate and efficient with your movements.  A lot of line cooks tend to hum as they work  and the busier the night gets the more focused on keeping pace they become.  Playing music in the kitchen is a no-brainer.  Something not too slow and not too fast.  And definitely not Kenny G. 

You don’t necessarily have to pick a favorite song or put a metronome on your spice rack, but if you  try to keep a certain pace and tempo to your movements in the kitchen you’ll see marked results.

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